Project Description


Voted Best New Carbonated Beverage!  Incredible all natural Sodas made with fruits from the Northwest. Sold anywhere RTD beverages are sold, especially gourmet shops, restaurants and others who want a gourmet beverage experience.

Chef-driven and overseen, HOTLIPS Sodas contain lots of real fruit—no shortcuts, supplements, artificial flavors, colors or trickery. And no corn syrup. Brewed throughout the year, even the bottles are locally made from 80% recycled glass.Early summer declares itself with cherry and raspberry. Late summer brings marionberry and the haunted-looking beauty — black raspberry. The nights cool and apples, cranberries and pears ripen. Flavor nuance in HOTLIPS Soda varies from batch to batch depending on the varietal, the heat of the day and cool of the night. Creating connoisseurs young and old as they compare batches, seasons and years, equalizing food snobs and kids.