Project Description

VT Peanut Butter New Oval 2014

America’s first AUTHENTIC BRAND, boasting the freshest USA grown nuts, the healthiest dried fruits, and fun nut butter creations.   We created the first spreadable trail mix with the Mad River Mojo blend, and the first to only source USA ingredients.  With additional protein ,hearty ingredients and All NATURAL goodness in every jar…we have created the perfect super food FREE OF hydrogenation, palm oils, excess sugars, and preservatives.   We’ve been doing the right thing since day 1, and WE DO IT all IN OUR OWN FACTORY.  The perfect snack with sliced apples, pretzels or with a spoon right out of the jar. Carry a jar hiking, camping or road tripping and you will be so happy you did. So healthy, so natural and fun. Oh….and by the way….they taste absolutely incredible!